Justin Medina

Master in Counselling


Class of 2020

What is your major and intended career path?

I intend to use my master in counselling to work as a counsellor. 

What factors helped you choose Colorado Heights University (CHU)?

The small class sizes and proximity to my home prompted me to attend CHU. I believe small class sizes are beneficial, because you can truly engage with professors and classmates during lectures. Ask questions, create discussion and be more involved. CHU is close to my hometown so I found it very convenient. The commute is short.

How would you describe your academic experience?

My academic experience at CHU has been invigorating. Each day my desire to learn grows exponentially.

Can you share a memorable experience?

My most memorable experience of CHU must be when I first laid eyes on the mansion. It was a beautiful summer day in August, and it just seemed like the landscape around the mansion was vibrant and colorful. The mansion itself added beauty to the surroundings. I was in awe.

Are there any notable accomplishments that you would like to share?

An accomplishment here at CHU that I am proud of is the Academic Excellence in Counselling. I received this award after my first year. I was stunned when I first heard the news. I could not have achieved this award without the help of the faculty and my peers.

What advice would you give to an incoming student?

Use all the help you can get! CHU offers an abundance of assistance such as tutors and peer mentors. Use them to gain the momentum needed to succeed. Never be afraid to ask for help from peers as well. Form study groups, Google Drive teams, etc. Not only will this help with your studies, but it also builds friendships.