Student Life

Student Life Overview

University consists of more than just lectures, homework, and exams. The education at Colorado Heights University is a total learning experience that allows students to develop leadership skills, form lifelong friendships, improve personal and professional skills, and prepare for a fulfilling and successful life. The Dean of Students supervises and assists students in providing student life solutions. Student Life staff members are available to help students throughout their academic careers at Colorado Heights University.

Colorado Heights University provides a wide range of co-curricular programs that supplement and support the academic program.


The objective of the Division of Student Life at Colorado Heights University is to create a rich co-curricular experience in which we like to:

  • Offer a variety of leadership and programmatic opportunities to the wider community;
  • Provide a secure and supportive learning environment;
  • Have possibilities that enrich the university experience;
  • Encourage personal and social accountability;
  • Empower students to be conscientious contributors to society;